Sitting, the new smoking

We’ve spoken of this in a prior post, but it bears repeating. If you’re sitting 8 hours a day at your desk and or sitting before and after as well. It’s going to do what could become irreparable damage if you don’t commit to the most important remedy…MOVE!

A sedentary lifestyle can cause a wide range of health problems. Let’s make a list;

Cardiovascular Disease

Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome


Certain types of Cancer


Blood Clots in the legs

Tight Hips

A TON of BACK issues

There are more (to include mental issues), but that should be enough to convince you that we all need to MOVE.

Even those of us that visit the gym regularly can’t take sitting for granted. You can’t be thinking that just because you did an hour at the gym this morning or spent a half hour on the stationary bike is enough to let you sit for the rest of the day (guilty of this one myself at times). You need to stay moving. Get up every half hour or so and move around. It’ll do wonders both physically and mentally.

“We need to monitor the time we’re sitting continuously and we have to move around at more frequent intervals rather than just a once-a-day workout,” ~ Dr. Rajpurohit (Stanford Health)

So get up, stand up, walk and or take the stairs when possible. Set a timer if you must and commit to movement. We’ll hit this subject up again no doubt. We all need a reminder from time to time.

Best regards,

Kevin “Doc” Burgess (The Lean Stoic)

NASM CPT and Lean Sensei

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