The obstacle…the PATH.

This has been said a million different ways and will always be rewritten. Not in a plagiaristic manner, but in a way that reinterprets and reimagines its meaning and what the individual NEEDS at the given moment as he sits to write his or her version. That’s what I’m doing now of course.

The passed few years have been met with a lot of said obstacles, but they’ve also redefined and helped with the focus that was lacking. I’ve mentioned soul searching in past blogs and these last several years have made the search all the more fruitful. Being able to be confident in the knowing that the answers would come forth without resisting or struggling against the proverbial tide was key. It was the only way to be sure of growth and prosperity.

Without going into specifics, most of the obstacles were fairly predictable. Those were the easiest of course, but others that came as a surprise were the ones that I’ve found teach us the most. Those are the ones, that if we remain open to the lesson…we gain far more knowledge than if we were closed off and had our defenses resist the teachings that inevitably happen. One must remain open and willing to let that tide wash over them. Let all that is, be what it is.

So, whatever obstacle you may be facing. Let it come. Let it happen. Let it be. For as my drummer KR (no longer with us) said at least a million times, “It is what it is”. The obstacle is the path, the way, the lesson and one of the best teachers you’ll ever know.

Be at ease, Kevin Burgess (The Lean Stoic)

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