Be One

“Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. BE ONE.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

Taking MA’s quote into account this holiday season. One week ago I was laid off from what seemed to be a promising outlook towards what should have been a job that would carry me to a true retirement. That as you may have guessed is not how the story played out.

The last several years have been a rollercoaster no doubt. Changing jobs and going back to school at the ripe young age of 56, I was looking forward to the fruits of a plan that while well conceived…once again fell apart and has now truly sent me back to the drawing board.

So, now the test. Of the good man I know I can be and take the lessons on the chin. Stay calm in the face of the adversity. Be the ONE I have studied and practiced all these years. Be the elder and yet again set the example for those that have been rocked way harder than I and come out being that good huMAN we should all strive to be.

Be safe, kind and giving this holiday season and don’t waste time wondering what is is to be one. BE ONE.

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