Base or Pinnacle (the view)

There are so many views and analogies on points of view and climbing. But what of the height? Can you not see more from pinnacle of the mountain? Of course you can. It’s one of the main reasons that the “Higher ground” is simply the best in which to look from. Even though “Looking down” on things gets a bad rap sometimes.

The only problem or hardship with attaining the higher vantage point is the climb. If you’re not into climbing of course. But I’m not talking of literally climbing, although that is sometimes a necessary endeavor. Sometimes it’s climbing rank or position in a workplace setting. Or perhaps out of the proverbial hole you’ve dug yourself into by doing something or someone wrong. Even meditation can be a climbing of sorts. As we aim to tame the “Monkey mind” and train ourselves to sit for longer and longer periods of time without distraction. To name a few.

We can see from these few examples that the higher the viewpoint the better we can see. We get a farsighted perspective and can take in much more from up there (as well as a deeper and wider). We have the ability to look further into the future and or past and see it with clearer vision, than if we were sitting at the base with no way to take in the spectacular view.

I believe that it’s the “Elevation” and the “Intention” that got us there though, that lends to the joyous outcome after reaching the destination. We elevate ourselves with each intended step up our own proverbial mountain. Remember one thing. Others are climbing their own mountains and like us at times and they may need help and or a simple “Attaboy” when they reach their pinnacle. I give you all an attaboy for taking the time to stop and read my musings.

With Gratitude,

Kevin “Doc” Burgess, Lean Sensei



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