Be like the rock…

“Throw the rock up in the air and it loses nothing by coming down and gained nothing by going up.”

No matter what life throws at us we are still the same rock we were before and inevitably will be after. Sure there could be proverbial and maybe even literal scars, but we are still the rock. We are responsible though for our reaction, readiness and or preparedness for the event(s).

There is 2000+ year old stoic practice, Premeditatio Malorum. In which negative visualization is utilized to prepare oneself for all possible outcomes in a situation. Be it positive or negative. Seneca said, “The unexpected blows of fortune fall heaviest and most painfully, which is why the wise man thinks about them in advance. “.

So, are you expecting a promotion today? Or are you anticipating a meeting with your boss this morning after an epic screw up yesterday and the possibility of being fired? Either way, visualize and prepare for both. Regardless of how this turns out…you are still the rock. Are you not?

This works on all fronts. Work, life, play, sleep, eat etc. good, bad…they are all indifferent. While you cannot control the outcome. You can be prepared and be stronger for it. So try it. Be the rock and you at the very least will be minimally pleased and or disheartened. Promise.

With Gratitude,

Kevin “Doc” Burgess, The Lean Stoic



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