With great power comes…

Seneca had a rule for those who have been placed in a high position or accumulated success or power:

“Bestow pardon for many things; seek pardon for none.”

By that he meant that with power comes responsibility. A responsibility to be understanding and lenient with those who work for and with you, as well as a responsibility to behave well despite the temptations of that power (that was an excerpt from Ryan Holiday’s posting on The Daily Stoic).

How apropos is this quote? In regards to work, play and everyday life practices. We need to slow down and truly take notice of those around us. All too often we are so wrapped up in our own job, game or any other thing we’ve taken for granted, that we lose sight of the end game. The problem with that is that we own NONE of it. We are mere participants along for the same ride as everyone else. We SHARE the stage and or field and should approach it as such. We are a TEAM.

If you are a boss/manager/coach (or anyone in CHARGE), stop and realize that you were once in those shoes. The ones that work for or under you now, were YOU at some point in your career and or LIFE. You were once that employee, customer, consumer, teammate, patient etc.. So stop and smell the humility. You’ll see that it’s quite “Rosey” when you take the time and those around you will be better for it.

With gratitude, Kevin “Doc” Burgess

The Lean Stoic

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