Take care. Soul and body.

Rufus points out what should have been obvious here. That the soul, while more important…the body is also in need of attention and the same intention. One must take care of both if they want to live the life they seek. While our own happiness springs forth from within, the soul and body must be in harmony. With each other and the world outside oneself.

So, be sure to use best practices. Meditate, write (journal), walk, run, swim, sit, move etc.. Do whatever it is that keeps you healthy and living the virtuous life you deserve. It is up to you in the end. Below you will find Rufus’ quote that sparked this blog posting. Enjoy.

With gratitude, Kevin “Doc” Burgess

“Since a human being happens to be neither soul alone nor body alone, but a composite of these two things, someone in training must pay attention to both. He should, rightly pay more attention to the better part, namely the soul, but he should also take care of the other parts, or part of him will become defective. The philosopher’s body also must be well prepared for work because often virtues use it as a necessary tool for the activities of life.” —Musonius Rufus, Lectures and Sayings, 6.4

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