A new path? Or just exposing what already existed?

After leaving the service industry and joining the manufacturing workforce. I found so much waste it was mind boggling. I was then exposed to a book by Paul Akers, ‘2 Second Lean” and what an eye opener that was for me both personally and professionally. I had been practicing some form of Lean in just about every aspect of my employment over MANY years, but now was able to put a literal label on it.

After 2 years of teaching from Akers’ book and creating all forms of time saving changes along with ergonomic safety measures…I was in it to win it. But then came Covid-19. My job was all but abandoned by the company I was employed with and I was on the outside looking in. They then offered an early retirement package and I snagged that up with what was to become a grand plan.

I’m now (at the ripe old age of 56) back in college (Villanova) and trying to attain my “Lean Sensei” certification. One class down and two to go. The result of all this change? Should my plan come to fruition? Becoming a consultant in all things LEAN/6 Sigma of course. A big undertaking no doubt, but one that I’m totally sold on and hope others will share in my enthusiasm to reclaim each second we can of our collective lives. Just a couple seconds at a time.

So join me on this path and I hope you find something useful along the way. While a lot of material may seem like it only fits on someone’s work floor, the thing s we’ll learn here will help anywhere you put them to use. There will be some things that lean towards Stoicism and a little Buddhism as well. 2 wings of the same bird in my book. I hope you’ll enjoy…I certainly will.

Best regards and blessings, Kevin “Doc” Burgess (The Lean Stoic)

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